Private Lessons


  • All String Instruments: violin,  viola,  cello,  double bass, and guitar
  • Suzuki group classes for violin, viola, cello and guitar are required for all students in the lower levels of these instruments
  • Guitar: all styles
  • Piano: Classical and Jazz
  • Voice: ages 12 and up
  • Winds – brass – percussion:  saxophone,   trumpet,  trap set, trombone, and clarinet

Prices include ALL registration fees

14 Private lessons voice/piano/jazz/brass/string bass                                                30 minutes/week      $377                                                                                                45 minutes/week      $505                                                                                                60 minutes/week      $627

14 Private Suzuki guitar/strings (includes weekly group class)                            30 minutes/week      $397                                                                                                45  minutes/week     $525                                                                                                60 minutes/week      $652


What is the Suzuki method? Here are some main points.
Dr. Suzuki studied the way children learn to speak their native tongue and applied it to music. His ideas include parent responsibility, loving encouragement and constant repetition.
Parents are involved (especially if the student is very young) by attending lessons with their child and helping them practice at home.  Some parents will take private lessons themselves to better help their children with practice at home.
Listening to music is very important. Just like children listen to words and begin to speak they will listen to the Suzuki songs on their CD’s at home and in the car, and are able to recognize them.
Repetition is very important. Students do not learn a piece of music and then discard it. They add it to their vocabulary (repertoire) and gradually use it in new and sophisticated ways.
Encouragement is essential. Every effort on their instrument is met with praise and constructive criticism. Each student learns at their own pace building on small steps so that each one can be mastered. Students are encouraged to support each other’s efforts which creates an attitude of generosity and teamwork.
Learning With Other Children is a huge help! Students will attend their private weekly lesson and participate in a weekly group class with all other Suzuki students. They will learn from watching each other and will motivate each other.



One of the wonderful benefits of being part of a music school is the many performance opportunities offered to our students.  All Academie private students are invited to perform on our solo recitals scheduled throughout the year. The student’s private teacher will determine the readiness of the student to perform.  All students are expected to perform polished pieces and pay for their own accompanist when appropriate. The teacher will be responsible for communicating with the parent, preparing the student, including instruction in proper concert etiquette, signing up the student for the recital, and facilitating the hire and rehearsal with an accompanist. Two recitals will be offered each time: the “informal” for students who are new to the experience and/or prefer to use their music and the “formal” which will be performed by memory. Students are expected to attend the entire performance as a courtesy to all performers.

Solo Recital Dates: 

Please see our Calendar.

What does Formal and Informal mean?

Informal:  Student may use their music. Dress is casual, no ripped jeans or flip-flops please. Student must have an accompanist.                  Formal:  Student will play all music from memory.  Attire is dressy. Student must have an accompanist. 



Accompaniment Fees

5 to 15 minute rehearsal on 1 song, plus recital $15                 15 to 30 minutes of rehearsal on 1-2 songs, plus recital  $25

Rehearsal dates and time – The student, with your private teacher, must sign up in the office for a rehearsal time to work with your accompanist.  If you do not come, you forfeit the rehearsal.  It will be your responsibility to reschedule and pay them additionally for their rehearsal time.

Local Contests:  Gold Cup, Solo and Ensemble,                 Spring Festival  $25

This includes two rehearsals and the competition.  There will be two rehearsals scheduled.  You and your teacher will sign up for your time.  If you miss your scheduled rehearsal, you must pay for additional rehearsal time.

State Competition (out of town competition)                     $30 (+travel expenses)

This includes one rehearsal and the competition.  If additional rehearsals are required, you need to pay for additional time. If the accompaniment is difficult, additional fees may be required.  This is at the discretion of the private teacher and the accompanist, and will be discussed with student/parent on an individual basis.

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